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The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida is proud to offer Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys registered in the Middle District of Florida.

The online, self-paced presentations consist of virtual CLEs (recordings of live training sessions). The presentations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cover a wide range of legal topics relevant to bankruptcy attorneys.

To view videos and receive CLE credits, please enter your Court issued CM/ECF login ID (top right corner) to gain access to presentation materials. After login, you will be redirected to the presentation materials selection area.

  Below are some of the videos available for viewing.  

Fundamentals of Evidence in Trials in the Bankruptcy Court
January 09, 2019


Effectively Discharging Taxes In Bankruptcy
December 03, 2018

Reducing Student Loan Debt
Inside and Outside of Bankruptcy (Intermediate)
October 02, 2018


TBBBA: Coming Back from the Dark Side
September 25, 2018

TBBBA: Claiming and Litigating Exemptions
September 04, 2018


No Excuses: Learn How To Staff Our Pro Bono Clinic
July 06, 2018

State of the District 2018
by Chief Judge Michael G. Williamson
May 18, 2018


Effective Motion Practice by Chief Judge Michael G. Williamson
May 01, 2018

Chapter 13 Hot Topics and ABI Consumer Commission Update
April 12, 2018


Bankruptcy Rules Update by Judge Delano
February 26, 2018

Due Diligence and Ghostwriting
January 16, 2018


Realities of Practicing Law for Young Lawyers
Understanding the Career You’ve Chosen to Pursue
December 20, 2017

Reflections from the Bench
By Judge May
October 03, 2017


TBBBA Consumer Workshop
Point-Counterpoint for Consumer ISSU
September 20, 2017

Effective Opening Statements & Closing Arguments
July 25, 2017


Organization and Jurisdiction
of the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
March 29, 2017

You're Not Worth Your Salt
If You Can't Get A Default
May 02, 2017
Tampa, Florida


Chapter 13 Seminar
Part One
April 21, 2017
Tampa, Florida

Chapter 13 Seminar
Part Two
April 21, 2017
Tampa, Florida


Proposed Amended Local Rules 2017
by Judge Delano
April 04, 2017
Tampa, Florida

Bankruptcy 101 with Judge McEwen
February 01, 2017
Tampa, Florida


Fundamentals of Evidence in Bankruptcy Trails
by Chief Judge Williamson
January 01, 2017
Tampa, Florida

That's What "Next Friends" Are For: Policy and Procedure under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1004.1
December 06, 2016
Tampa, Florida


Pro Se Assistance Clinic Providing Free legal assistance for individuals representing themselves
November 01, 2016
Orlando, Florida

Claims of Exemptions in Bankruptcy:
October 04, 2016
Tampa, Florida


Professionalism Standards and Resolution of Professional
September 28, 2016
Tampa, Florida

Practical Solutions For Student Loan Debt
September 09, 2016
Tampa, Florida


Q & A* With Our Newest Bankruptcy Court Judge
May 20, 2016
Tampa, Florida

Chapter 7 - Avoidance Action Issues
May 03, 2016
Tampa, Florida


New Proof of Claim:
March 17, 2016
Tampa, Florida

Application for Accreditation:
Consumer Debt & Student Loans
February 24, 2016
Orlando, Florida


State of the District 2016
February 03, 2016
Jacksonville, Florida

Practice Pointers for
Consumer Cases
February 02, 2016
Tampa, Florida


Don't Get Caught in the Quagmire
Preparing a Consumer Case for Filing
January 05, 2016
Tampa, Florida

11th Circuit Case Law update luncheon
December 17, 2015
Tampa, Florida


Chapter 7 Issues related to PI claims
December 03, 2015
Tampa, Florida

Best Practices for Paralegals
November 20, 2015
Tampa, Florida


Means Test Mysteries
October 07, 2015
Tampa, Florida

Chapter 13 Uniformity
September 3, 2015
Orlando, Florida


Effective Motion Practice
By Judge Williamson
September 01, 2015
Tampa, Florida

Lessons from experienced JEDTIs
(Jurists Engaged in Defense of Title Integrity)
August 26, 2015
Tampa, Florida


Electronic Exhibits
July 01, 2015
Orlando, Florida

My Lawyer, S/He Wrote Me A Letter!
April 02, 2015
Tampa, Florida


Southwest Florida Bankruptcy Professional Association Luncheon
February 19, 2015
Orlando, Florida

State of the District
February 15, 2015
Orlando, Florida


Good Faith Chapter 13
February 11, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Ethical Issues Stemming from the Requirement for Wet Signatures
December 10, 2014
Orlando, Florida


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - A Panel Trustee's Perspective
September 10, 2014
Orlando, Florida


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