The judges of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida are considering proposed amendments to the Local Rules. The proposals are posted below for public comment commencing on March 5, 2014. The public comment period ended on April 18, 2014. When promulgated by the judges, the amended and new Local Rules will become effective on July 1, 2014.

1001-2 Case Management and Electronic Filing System – CM/ECF
The amendment revises section (e) to provide that claimants who have filed or expect to file ten or more claims (reduced from 25) within a one-year period shall file their claims and claims-related papers electronically.

2002-4 Negative Notice Procedure
The amendments revise the negative notice legend to add three days for service to the response period and provide that orders shall be submitted within three business days after the expiration of the response period.

2004-1 Examination of Debtor and Others
This proposed new rule is based upon the Southern District’s Local Rule 2004-1 and incorporates suggestions by the Steering Committee and the Local Rules Lawyers’ Advisory Committee. The proposed rule permits the scheduling of an examination under Rule 2004 on 21 days’ notice without requiring the filing of a motion or entry of an order.

2016-1 Compensation of Professionals
The amendment adds subsection (c)(2)(iv), requiring Court approval for post confirmation professional fees and costs incurred in connection with actions against third parties.

2090-1 Attorneys – Admission to Practice
The amendment adds new section (d), which applies to attorneys who become ineligible to practice law.

3020-1 Chapter 11 – Confirmation
The amendment adds new section (a) regarding amendments to the plan and new section (d), requiring confirmation orders to include notice of the first scheduled post confirmation status conference and the filing of post confirmation avoidance proceeding recovery reports.

4001-1 Automatic Stay
This proposed new rule incorporates current District-wide procedures governing relief from the automatic stay, motions to confirm that the automatic stay is not in effect, and motions to impose or extend the automatic stay under 11 U.S.C. §§ 362(c)(3) and (4).

9011-4 Signatures
The amendment adds section (d)(2), which authorizes an attorney to file a paper containing the electronic signature of another party by attesting that the party has concurred in the filing of the paper.

9072-1 Orders – Proposed
This amendment clarifies the information to be included in proposed orders submitted to the Courts, provides that orders on papers served using the negative notice procedures of Local Rule 2002-4 shall be submitted after the expiration of the response period and within three business days of the response period, changes the time for submission of orders after hearings to three “business” days, and establishes procedures for the submission of agreed and amended orders.