The Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida allows certain trustees and attorneys to routinely transport laptop computers into our Jacksonville, Fort Myers and Tampa courthouses and allow their use during routine hearings and proceedings. Currently, there are no restrictions on the use of laptop computers in our Orlando courtrooms. Attorneys wishing to bring laptop computers into our Orlando courtrooms should consult the Court’s General Order 96-00003-ORL.

The program is open to those trustees and attorneys who are active users of the Court’s Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. An active users is defined as one who uses the ECF system to the maximum extent possible to file documents with the Clerk’s Office.

This program is subject to the following restrictions:
• Only attorneys and court appointed trustees who have successfully completed the ECF training and have been assigned ECF passwords and who are actively using the system may participate.
• Those desiring to participate in this program must request and receive authorization in the form of a court order from the Presiding Judge. (See below procedures)
• Participating attorneys must present a Bar Identification Card which reflects their current Bar Identification Number to the security personnel as they enter the Courthouse. Trustees who are not attorneys must present their DOJ Credentials in lieu of Bar Identification Card. All must also have a photo ID as normally required.
• Computers will be subject to routine security screening as they are brought into the Courthouse.
• Computers may not contain audio or video recording devices and the speaker must be muted while the computer is in use in the Courtroom.
• Computers may not be connected to the Court’s network.
• A Judge may suspend or terminate authorization to use laptop computers in his/her courtroom at any time.

Procedures for Court Ordered Authorization (Jacksonville courtrooms)

Trustees and attorneys desiring to participate in this program should request authorization from the respective judge by providing a written request which contains:

• Law Firm
• Bar ID number
• ECF User Login (Do not submit your password.)
• E-mail address

Procedures for Court Ordered Authorization (Tampa/Fort Myers courtrooms)

Trustees and attorneys desiring to participate in this program should request authorization by submitting the following information to the Clerk of Court:

Your Name:
Email Address:
Law Firm :
Bar ID:
ECF Login:

The Clerk will ensure that the applicant meets the criteria set for the program. Each month the Clerk will prepare a draft order for the signature of the Presiding Judge which will list qualified applicants and the Bar Identification Number of each. Once approved and signed by the Presiding Judge, a copy of the order allowing the ECF User to routinely bring a laptop computer into the Courthouse will be provided to the United States Marshal for the Middle District of Florida, the security station at the respective courthouse, and each of the ECF users listed on the order. It will be the responsibility of the Clerk to ensure the order is issued on the first working day of each calendar month and that copies are appropriately delivered. Orders will expire on the first business day of the following month.