This form is to be utilized to ensure the Clerk’s Office is notified when an attorney changes law firms. This form exists strictly for the purpose of ensuring accurate CM/ECF noticing. Nothing herein shall be construed to alter the practice regarding proper substitution of counsel in individual cases.

Upon filing of the first Motion to Substitute Counsel, Notice of Substitution of Counsel or other document regarding the change of firm/representation, this form shall be prepared and submitted, if applicable.

All cases associated to the Filing User’s account must be updated, even if the case is no longer active. A representative of the former firm must sign this form. To obtain a list of cases associated with the user account, please contact the helpdesk.

This form is intended to be used when all cases are remaining with the former firm. However, if an attorney is taking cases to a new firm and cases are remaining with the former firm complete the Cases remaining with attorney and former law firm form OR if an attorney is taking all associated cases to a new firm complete the All cases remaining with attorney form.

All areas of this online submission form must be completed in order to be processed. One area on this form requires a file attachment. Areas left blank or unanswered could result in a delay or possible rejection.

Please be advised that effective (date), (name), an attorney authorized
to practice in the Middle District of Florida, will no longer be associated with the
law firm. Effective on (date), I will begin a new association with another firm and ask the court to update its

records accordingly.

All cases are remaining with my former firm should be associated with:

  Name of New Law Firm  
  Zip Code  
  Phone Number  
  Email Address  
  Typed Name of Attorney
  Name of attorney making this request        
  Typed Name of Representative of Former Firm
  Representative who acknowledges request        

Attach a copy of the Notice of Change of Law Firm, on firm letterhead (scanned into a pdf). This document should contain specific information regarding the change of law firm, the date it becomes effective, information regarding cases currently associated with your attorney record and to whom those cases should be assigned. In addition, the document must contain your signature. Please note that attachments in formats other than pdf will not be accepted.

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